Joel Barker March 2016

Marten Runow July 2016

Sam Khamnelan

Denise Peck

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Oct 2017
This is the best golf system I have seen on the internet. We were taught for years not to cast the club, but throwing the club has worked for me better than any other system. Peter has made the swing so simple. Congratulations. Keep spreading the word. I am healing from a stroke I had 6 years ago, and getting back into golf is a dream come true.

Ron P


Oct 2017
Best drill and swing thought…ever. Tried it on the range today; worked super on PW through driver. Was hitting the driver 200+ with reduced flight range balls. Not bad for a “super senior.” Whole different feel. Wish I knew this 40 years ago. But, better late than never.

Troy D


Sept 2017
Marvelous! I’ve been in golf since 1960 I’ve never seen this drill before. What an enthused golf teacher Peter Croker is. If I lived in his area id be on his lesson tee that’s for sure. His wall drill is brilliant as well.
Pebble Beach
Sept 2017



Thanks for this tip and it works well for me.
I noticed that the feel was effortless power through the ball and a much faster swing speed.



Hi Peter.

What a coach! That drill and everything else is working! Wow! Won the nett event below – all the other golfers are lower handicappers, the gross winner off 8 and scores in the field went out to well into the 200’s. Even birdied one of the hardest par4’s with 48 m pitch in. Also won A grade last two Sundays and won the Captain’s knockout (qualifying then 4 matches to win) last week. I’ll post more on line soon responding to your feedback.

Thank you so much.


Hi Peter and Chris. I just want to tell you what a great improvement has happened to my game  recently. I’ve had three good rounds in succession ,culminating in winning the Pymble 4 ball  par event on Wednesday  with plus 9 and plus 3 individual , 2 shots off winning that too.

I attribute this to your videos and webinars .

I have found that correct posture , turning in the barrel and less  angle between the hands and club at address ( standing taller ) has set the basis for a better swing and ball contact with the most important aspect being  the thumbs down and hitting in line with the left arm from the top which I have never emphasised before. No more hooking and greater length – just like you have said !

I’m looking forward to my lesson with Chris at Nudgee on Monday.

With thanks, Tony Mountstephens


Best drill and swing thought…ever. Tried it on the range today; worked super on PW through driver. Was hitting the driver 200+ with reduced flight range balls. Not bad for a “super senior.” Whole different feel. Wish I knew this 40 years ago. But, better late than never.




Peter:  my hcp index is 8.9, but I’ve been scoring in the low to mid-80’s lately, mainly because of inconsistent ball striking.  Yesterday, however, I took to heart your A to B drill, employing it as a swing thought while playing.  I knew it works, because I had been practicing it on the range.  My ball striking was much improved, and I shot my age (76), which should have been at least two strokes better but for the double bogey on 18 owing to an errant approach shot I attribute to the mental error of not focusing on A to B.  I’m a believer.




Marvelous! I’ve been in golf since 1960 I’ve never seen this drill before. What an enthused golf teacher Peter Croker is. If I lived in his area I’d be on his lesson tee that’s for sure. His wall drill is brilliant as well.






I was able to shot a Seventy-three after practicing the drill I have learned. Another achievement I`ve made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. I also almost hit the green with a distance of 5 to 10 yards on the other five holes. My handicap is a 9 so I don`t shoot 73s all the time. It was not my best round ever, however it was my best in a long time.

Darcy C


Thanks very much for the drill. I used it this morning at the course and sure enough, I had mostly long, straight drives and accurate pitches with my wedges. I won the most holes of my group so I’m both impressed and very pleased!

I have bought your book and I’m looking forward to trying your other drills.

Kind regards,

Terry Gardiner. Feb 2017


For as long as I can remember I have never been able to hit great distances with any club. I decided to see Chris Beckett at Robina Woods and after one session, he immediately recognised where I was going wrong and gave me two simple swing patterns to start working on. His instruction was simple yet so effective and now I’m striking the ball with a lot more compression and club head speed has inceased as a result. I will definitely be seeing a lot more of Chris.
Tony Byrnes Feb 2017

Peter – it was a real treat to get to spend so much time with you over the last few days and watching your efforts and suggestions to help Christine, John and me improve our golf games.. Thanks for bringing your personality and thoughtfulness to the school.. The day after our sessions ended – and before I headed back home – I played Bear Lakes CC in West Palm Beach. I made a hole in one on the 2nd hole (our 11th) 165 yards with a 6 iron. The shot was just like your 4 iron on #3 to win the Spirit of Golf World Championship except mine went in for a 1 (the 6th of my career). I called Tim and told him this stuff really works. He was obviously delighted.
Thanks again.
Carroll Lowenstein Aug 2016

Hi Peter and Chris, What a wonderful program you have developed here. I’m a 20 handicap golf nut who has bought so many instructional books and DVDs and trolled the Internet constantly that I despaired that I would never find a program that would enable me to reduce my handicap.

Until I came across your program that is. I find it easy to comprehend and the questions and answers at the end of each instructional video ensure that I haven’t misinterpreted anything. Your instruction from all aspects of this wonderful game is outstanding.

July 12th 2016
Michael May

Forward to Spalding’s Better Golf – The Fundamentals

By Peter Thomson
5 Times British Open Winner

There are as many golf swings as there are golfers, and a mighty number of them successful at a hitting a ball squarely, solidly in the right direction, with adequate power.

Our swings are as unique to us as our thumbprint. We swing according to our stature, with a speed our muscles and sinews allow, and generally speaking we are stuck with that.

Yet we can improve our striking technique, improve results, and get better scores with sensible guidance such as Peter Croker presents in this book.

Croker has been a keen analyst of technique for many years, collecting data, impressions and images as he went. No one asked more questions of the game’s finest players or delved deeper into the thought behind the successful.

In professional golf there are both players, and teachers, sometimes indistinguishable.  Some progress from one to the other as Peter Croker has done, combining his own personal experiences in the grand battle with the top courses, and his time spent instructing beginners and good players alike.

This seems to me a priceless apprenticeship for the role of professor/lecturer/writer on the game of golf and the way it is played.  Most great names in golf are tied up in a total concentration on their own performance. Occasionally glossy books of instruction emerge divulging the great ones’ “secrets” of success. Such ghosted offerings are of limited use.

What is of lasting value, is an outline explained by a competent teacher in simply followed terms, that leads us, stage by stage, to a real understanding of what is vital to creative stroke play, and what will stand us in good stead when “the chips are down”.

It is never too late to learn something and I commend this book of explanation and advice. It comes from a man whose heart is in it and who is bursting to pass it on to others.

Peter Thomson


Italian Senior Open Championship Winner – Email sent to Peter Croker

From Simon Owen 22/05/07

Hi Peter,

We’ve had a huge travel day and have just arrived at Cathy’s Mum’s place in Glasgow.  No tourney this week then Ireland next week.

Well what a difference a week can make.  Carried on with the thought of the right leg straightening on the Downswing and in the pre tourney pro am I played the best back nine from tee to green that I’ve ever played.

Played with Stewart Ginn and Glen Ralph 1st round and shot a creditable 70 to be lying 2nd equal.  2nd round played again with Stewart and Sam Torrance.  Played great for a 65.  But bend it like Benda shot an incredible 63.  The previous course record was 67 set by Arnold Palmer.

So in the final round it was nip and tuck all day.  Found it difficult to back up after the 65 but just managed to hang on in there.

It was quite exciting with the 3 of us in the final group all coming up the last hole at 8 under and Carl Mason already in the clubhouse at 8 under.

Anyway none of us managed a birdie so all four went down the 18th again in sudden death.

Well to cut a long story short I hit a career wedge 2nd shot from 125 yards to about 2 foot 9 inches.  Nobody else managed a birdie so I was left with this short putt to win.  I know it should be a formality and actually it was as the previous night on the practice green I holed 200 in a row from 3 feet.  So I figured if I can hole 200 then surely one more is not asking too much.

You know that if you had have asked me which course I would be most unlikely to win on this year I would have said Venice.  It’s such a demanding course off the tee.

The thumb has been pretty good and as yet have not needed any anti flams.  Just hope it stays this way.

I’ve been very deliberate on the takeaway – slow and smooth to make sure that forearm rotates nicely.

Gave you thanks in my victory speech also.  I really meant it too.  You’ve been a great help to me.

Anyway I’ll be looking to consolidate and with the new found confidence that a win gives I’ll be looking for more good results.  Just need to get back in the groove that was slightly missing on Sunday.  Probably a little tentative a times I guess but all the same did hit some super shots and was pleased with the way I hung in there on Sunday.

Anyway I’m off to bed now, it’s been a long day.


Simon Owen


Dear Peter,


In the thirty something years I have known you, I have developed a respect for you as one of the games most passionate and original thinkers.  No one I know has more diligently sought answers to the endless questions surrounding golf technique.

You have been a tremendous help to me, in terms of understanding my own game.  This has helped me to be more effective with the people I coach.

Your explanations of the role of hands and how they have controlled the techniques of championship winning players has been invaluable.

As a PGA Professional I urge the decision makers in our association to involve you in the forthcoming PGA coaching summit.  Your message is too unique and valuable to not be shared with the younger members of this association.

Grateful always for your help and encouragement

Kind Regards

Bill Branthwaite


I have been a member of the Australian PGA since 1968 and played for many years on the various PGA Tours as a tournament player and have witnessed the careers of great players such as Kel Nagle, Peter Thomson, David Graham, Greg Norman, Wayne Grady and Ian Baker-Finch just to name a few. Since the early 1990’s I have concentrated on my teaching career and playing senior events.

Peter Croker introduced me to his method in the early ninety’s and the first thing that happened was that I had immediate success with my own game.Having always struggled to gain more length, I suddenly found the extra 25 yards that I had been looking for off the tee and my shots were much more solid and consistent.

A lot of my fellow professionals commented on this and all of a sudden I was able to win a few pro-am events and had some good finishes in the senior tournaments later on.

I became very excited about what Peter had shown me and found that my teaching improved dramatically with a lot of my students achieving immediate success with just a small amount of the knowledge I had received from Peter.

The journey was only just beginning not just for myself, but for Peter Croker, who’s passion, knowledge and hard work has fine-tuned his method to the “Croker Golf System” as it is today.

From those early days I began along with Peter, to introduce his technology to various tour players at the major tournaments here in Australia. Players such as Wayne Grady, David Graham were very impressed with the simplicity and workability of Peter’s method. Simon Owen who we worked with prior to his senior career and after having retired from tournament golf for many years, suddenly found himself back in contention every week and making top ten finishes consistently. Simon was awarded “Rookie of the Year” on the 2001 European Senior Tour. There are many other Australian touring professionals who have been helped along the way such as Michael Etherington for example who won the Australian PGA Tour Qualifying School. Terry Price, recent winner of the New Zealand Open 2004, Paul Moloney, Robert Stevens, Bradley Hughes to mention a few.

David Iwasaki-Smith went on to win the Australian PGA Match Play Championship and just failed to pull of an extraordinary  wire to wire  success at the Australian Open at the Metropolitan Golf Clubin Melbourne.

I am now enjoying the Master Teacher’s course with Peter Croker and looking forward to passing on my knowledge to all of my students and  those that know there is a “Path to Better Golf” and the “Peter Croker Golf System” will deliver it.

Tim Ireland



Thanks to using Peter Croker’s Path to Better Golf and Key to Golf Programs, I became the proud recipient of “The Teacher of the Year Award amount golf instructors

From Sandy Kurceba,
Teacher of the Year 1997,
Vancouver Section,


Make no mistake the Croker Key to Golf System is a different way of performing the golf swing for those who have learnt the traditional way.  The difference is ‘push’ versus ‘pull’.  I learnt to start the downswing by transferring my weight from the backfoot to the frontfoot, and at the same time driving my legs and hips around and pulling down with my left hand on the handle of the golf club to create power and clubhead speed.

This invariably led to a ‘blocked’ shot which was the bane of my golfing life for the past 40 years.

The Croker System teaches you to initiate the swing using hand action to push out and down the clubshaft and away from a resisting body to create power and consistency through clubhead awareness.  The by-product of the swing method is ‘back protection’.  As long as you can walk around a Golf course and bend from the hips you can play this system without unduly stressing your body.

You definitely need lessons to establish understanding of why pushing works better than the alternative and why the hands must be the ‘initiators’ rather than ‘reactors’ in the golf swing.

If you want to improve your consistency and add years to your golfing life, I recommend you give the Croker Key to Golf System a go.

Wayne Stevenson (Age 68)






Hi everyone. This is the first time I have commented on any website. I felt I had to do this because of the benefits I found in The Croker Golf System. When I saw the Croker Golf System for sale on line I thought what the heck, give it a go and see what happens. As I was going through the videos one by one I noticed some things that would seem to make the golf swing a lot easier on the body. One point in particular was the left knee bending over the left foot instead of rotating to the right on the backswing. This immediately peaked my interest for my son’s sake because he has had a total knee reconstruction and this has eased the stress on his knee and he is now playing more and enjoying it again. Before it wasn’t much fun for him playing in pain and wondering if his knee was going to play up or not. He now plays quite comfortably off a handicap of 4. For my own sake the program has benifited me in the same way in that my swing now comes easier and I can practice for longer periods without any problems. [I am 56 years young]. I found the program to be hughly informative technically, especially what the hands actually do, pre, during and post contact with the ball. This program has helped me go further with my golf than I dreamed possible and I am now playing off a +2 handicap.
Cheers, happy and healthy golfing.
Glen Bell – amateur golfer in Queensland – plus 2 handicap at Royal Queensland G. C.


I’ve made countless visits to the driving range, received tips and advice from fellow hackers, and sought help in golf lessons but never achieved a consistent swing because minor flaws were often overlooked by the more obvious habits I’ve developed. I simply found ways to compensate a bad grip and bad body movements. I’ve always wanted a smooth golf swing and was afraid of the cost because I need so many lessons to counter what I’ve
developed over the years but the Peter Croker system is by far the best coaching method I’ve found. You get online lessons first so you can effectively watch them over and over again at a time and place convenient to you as you perfect the foundations, then you get a private lesson to ensure you’re on the right track. If you’re a typical hacker like me who can hit a good shot but not all the time, do yourself a favour and give this a go – it might cost more than a trip to the driving range but i promise you this one will provide greater improvements to every game of golf you’ll play rather than simply the next one!
Allan Murray,
Terrey Hills


Dear Peter
I recently read an instructional article by you in the NZ version of Asian Golfer and it opened up a whole new game for me. After many years [ far too many ] of twisting hips, sliding hips, late hits etc I found that this attempt at hitting early or using the clubhead added over 40 yds to my drives and at least one club in my irons, plus it is so easy. Also no sore back.

Many thanks



Peter is known amongst his peers for having an enormous amount of knowledge of the golf swing and understanding of communicating. When I first begun teaching some 15 years ago I met Peter and plugged into his systems which allowed me to immediately help improve my students, learn how to teach and most importantly improve my own ball striking. I recently co-hosted a ‘Croker Golf System’ school at Manly Golf Club and it was great to get ‘back at school’ with our group learning all the necessary steps to make change and improve ‘the hit’.

 ’Personally, I love to work with people who are passionate about their work and Peter is certainly that, he makes learning about golf enjoyable, his passion for the game is infectious!’

Philip Baird
Director of Golf
Manly Golf Club


My name is Ben Perry.  I am 54 years of age and was a professional  athlete in two sports.  Golf was just something I dabbled in and  really enjoyed and managed to keep a single digit handicap for many  years, around 4.  Before meeting Peter Croker, I had never had a
formal golf lesson in my life.  I have been, however, fortunate to be  friends with and have played with some very talented professional  golfers, such as, Mac O’Grady and Gary McCord.  I’ve been members of  several private country clubs throughout the US and presently a member  of Carmel Valley Ranch and Tehama Golf Club (Clint Eastwood’s private crown jewel) in Carmel California.  There are no shortages of world  famous courses here with Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Cypress Point, etc.   I received an email from a good friend in Hawaii stating simply, “Ben,  you need to do this,” and he was referring to attending a golf school  with Peter Croker.  I had never heard of Mr. Croker, however, the way  my friend phrased his email “Ben, you need to do this,” I called my  friend to discuss.  Well, my friend was extremely high on Mr. Croker  and I sensed that something was very special about this.

Before I continue to bore you with mundane details, let me simply  state that I attended Peter Croker’s three day clinic and the results have been and continue to be extremely beneficial.  Not one thing that  Mr. Croker said during the clinic made me say, “Hmmm, I don’t know if  that will work.”  If I hit a not so perfect shot now, I know exactly  where in the swing the error occurred.  That is valuable information. Mr. Croker is a master of the basics and if you can duplicate what he  teaches and then apply it, you will be a much better golfer at any  level.  I am now a 1 handicap and just last week had four rounds under  par in a row, 68, 69, 70, 70.  This is really fun now because of how  confident I feel over every shot and that alone makes a huge difference.

Thank you, Mr. Croker, for delivering this valuable product.  I  greatly admire and respect you for it.

Best regards,
Ben Perry


I have really enjoyed the system. My main problem has been swinging too upright and lifting the club. After meeting you and getting a “quick” chipping lesson in April and then getting the system I have rethought my full swing and have some better ideas on the swing. I have had a problem with the backswing as I tend to go over the top and point the club to the right of the target.
To swing the club under the arms as stated in the anatomy of the full swing has got me stumped. I am trying to take the club back straight and move the right hand back to get the club on a better downswing path. This seems to work well. I then have to keep releasing the club by rotating the left hand or I will obviously hit the ball with an open clubface with fading or slicing results.
I am enjoying my attempt to improve. it’s a lifetime endeavour.

To have the same swing thoughts from the chip shots to full swing has benefits and I am trying to use it on all swings. Though I have trouble with getting consistent with the chip shots, sometimes hitting it fat or skinny.

To download the system is a little expensive on my download time. Is there a disc that could be purchased to save the extra cost of downloading?

I have recommended the system to friends and acquaintances who have bigger swing problems than I do!!!!!

The big test for the system is …..can it improve my wifes ability to hit the ball decently!!!!!!!!!! She has now retired and hasn’t got any further excuses with a system like this at “our” disposal!!!!

Thanks Peter.

John Sangren


The online program Peter Croker has designed is very detailed, yet simple to use. The program outlines every aspect of the game in a way that is easy for people to understand and learn from.

A huge amount of work has gone into the development of this learning aid and will help all golfers, from the everyday club golfer to the professional.


This testimonial is from Jon Abbott PGA Tour Pro


CGS has changed my entire way of playing golf.   I follow the levels and refer to them on occasion when I have strayed.  I rate all the levels as excellent as they are all important and to skip one could very well lead a student down a wrong path.

Best Regards

Dick Cook


Peter, your step by step programme is unique in all of golf instruction. The building blocks that make up the levels are put together in an uncluttered informative way. The pupil finishes with  their own library of treasured instruction, which allows for revision and conformation.  Yesterday I went back to remind myself of the take away-thumbs down section and clearing the right hip in the proper sequence and thinking again about the hands being the source of motion. I hit some balls and I was back in the grove. I can’t speak highly enough of the programme and what you have done.

I also look at pro golf on television now with a much more educated eye and this too must help my play.

One day I would love to have a one on one session.

10/10 for all the levels and I would certainly be a starter for bunker play.

The thing about any instruction and getting involved in it, is that the person really really has to want to do it. So many golfers go for a quick fix a tip from a magazine. Or they will do it , ” later “.

I spread your name about with high recommendation, but finally it is up to the individual to get involved. They, like I did have to go to …and start.


Those closer to you of course have the advantage of a one on one, for that sharpener.

Doc Williams


I have the Basic Fundamentals and love it. I watch it just about every morning as I work out.  Being I live in Minnesota, I plan on doing the on-line series this winter.  I truly appreciate what your teachings have done for my golf game. 

Bill Hankerson


I went through the Step-by-Step Program about a year ago, not too long after it was introduced. My familiarity with the CGS system goes back to the time of Peter’s “Natural Golf” video. I quit the game for a number of years, (I was never better than an 18 hdcp) but when I decided to give the game another try, I invested in the “Step-by-Step” course.

I can say at this point, my experience with Peter’s online course has been terrific — but I’ve found that there have been bad swing habits that I’d developed that could only be overcome with a great deal of repetition in study of the lessons. Having the lessons in such a well-organized arrangement on my hard-drive has allowed me to re-visit from the ground up at least three times, and the review of the instruction has revealed to me a few keys that have made the difference.

I’d like to share three things that have finally gotten my game to turn the corner – I’ve been consistently scoring in the in the mid 80’s now for six weeks, and I see more strokes coming off in the months ahead.

First, I’m now able to see how the ‘push’ back, after the forward press, in such a way as to let the club-head lag, is vital — and for me was not understood. Done with hands relaxed yet with the right hand slightly resisting the left, it promotes a ‘swinging’ takeaway where I sense the club and club-head ‘flipping’ back to the top, actually leading the arms and shoulders to a full shoulder turn. Truthfully, I did not believe you could get the club to the top without swinging the arms, but I now see — if grip pressure is light, arms are relaxed, and hips are continuing to move properly, that is exactly what happens.

I would say the second key I found was that grip pressure needs to be lighter than I’d used before. In addition to permitting the club to swing back, getting rid of the ‘death hold’ I’d fall into under stress, the lighter grip pressure makes for a fluid transition as well as a nice tempo back to the ball.

Finally, the fundamental I did not grasp until quite a bit of review — the crucial idea that the shoulders ‘rock’ in the downswing rather than being unconsciously allowed to rotate in the same plane as the hips. This is the swing flaw that for years kept me in trouble and kept me from ever making much progress – an early movement forward and around with the right shoulder. As Peter explains, the two things that happen as a result of early shoulder turn are either a pull hook or a shot blocked right. I don’t know why I had to repeatedly watch the lessons to pick up that point, I guess I’m a slow learner. Now, in my practice swing, I ‘preview’ the rocking move and ‘feel’ the left shoulder finishing higher. I won’t try to go into detail, but suffice it to say, as the shoulders rock while the left hip is opening, a lot of good things seem to happen at and through impact – things that are helping me to stay in the fairway and to hit more greens.

To any ‘duffer’ who may read this, I say with 100% assurance – give the Step-by-Step a go. Be patient with yourself, and trust – with enough review, you will eventually find the keys to a very good swing. With this course, you have an excellent resource for growth for as long as you play the game.

Lou S



I’m sure you’ve long since forgotten me and with good reason, since I never wrote to thank you for the lessons I took in Florida last year with Greg Warwick. It took me quite a while to incorporate all you taught me. However, I’m really seeing the benefits. My drives are longer and straighter, except when I fail to turn my left hand at the bottom of the swing (to close the
face, after the  push). Most improved are the iron shots, say from 160 to 190 yards which before I was having a fit with. Now I can easily get to a green from that distance. I’m actually able to use my 3 wood on par 5’s to get up close or beside the green in 2!  Lastly, my putting (using that “open grip”) has done wonders.

What I still can’t do is hit out of the sand.  Perhaps some day I’ll come to Australia and take a course of sand shots.

I hope all is well with you. Live in the moment!

Lucien M. Roughton, AIA


Dear Peter,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed meeting you earlier this week (at Westchester Country Club).    I was inspired; sufficiently so that I immediately downloaded your on-line Level 1 to 3 course as per your recommendation.    I’ll be taking the tests in due order!!

As one who has taught engineering for over twenty years, I am in awe of your ability to break down the swing into all of its fundamental components and to articulate them so clearly.  Bravo!   And thanks!

Kyle Vanderlick

Dean of Engineering
Yale University