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The PushGolf discovery is a proven method of pushing the clubhead into the golf ball for solid ball compression, resulting in a natural clubhead lag and powerful, accurate, consistent shots. Furthermore the swing principles explained in this system are friendly on the back and do not require the golfer to go into positions that are more or less impossible and more importantly, not even necessary to achieve for a modern golfer, regardless of skill or physical level. Thus the principles described are and can be used to improve both the playing professional, the scratch player as well as opening the doors to faster improvements for the person with a higher handicap all the way to the beginner.

The concept of pushing the clubhead into the ball in golf often has negative connotations as it is commonly conceived as pushing the ball to the right of the target for the right handed golfer.  Please understand this is not the context in which “pushing” in Push Golf should be interpreted. Pushing in Push Golf refers to the clubhead being pushed down and out into the ball rather than by using a pulling action.

Pushing in Push Golf also refers to certain pushing actions of the pressure points in the hands throughout the entire swing. Implicit too is the concept of pushing all the way through to the finish of the golf swing. The finish for a putt, chip, pitch, bunker shot and full swing have different and definite end points.

The principles of PushGolf were discovered and introduced by Australian PGA teaching professional Peter Croker, in conjunction with PGA teaching professional Chris Beckett.

Push Golf is a well tested and very effective method of teaching  golf in its various components – putting, chipping, pitching, bunker shot and the full swing. The site, however, is also intended to demonstrate and promote how PGA teaching professionals can use the pushing techniques to help their students advance faster. Most importantly it is  intended to compliment and promote the idea of getting professional instruction when you learn and work on your game. The main concepts well understood bring  much joy and less frustration, no matter what level you play at. 

Unlike most other sports golf is a game, because of the handicap system, that enables players to compete against players with higher levels of skill and competency – men, women and juniors alike. It is also a game you can enjoy by competing with yourself to reach higher levels. Hopefully you will find many insights and valuable information via these pages and from the different products presented and offered on this site. All with the purpose to help you on the way to reach lower scores while consistently being able to “Enjoy the Hit!”